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  Combination Boring & Reaming

  • High Precision tools for bore hole machining which includes combination boring bars, Alminum boring bars, tangential cutters, single and multi blade reamers, back boring tools, guide pad boring tools.

  • Boring bars utilizing cartridge or pocketed insert with variety of shanks, tapers or flange type mounting . Covering all applications roughing, semifinishing & finishing.

  • Light weight aluminum boring tools constructed with high tensile aluminum alloy. Reduced weight lessens spindle deflection, allows maximum diameter on low taper tool and increased cutting parameters.

  • Single & multiblade reamers with guide pads is useful where there is requirement of roundness, concentricity, surface quality.

  • Back boring and back facing tools which eliminate the secondary operations & indexing.

Combination Boring and Reaming

Combination Boring and Reaming
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