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  Drilling and Milling Tools

Drilling Tools

  • Pocket and reinforced helical flute design offers maximum durability and stability when cutting forces are applied and also ensures excellent chip evacuation

  • Different Designs suitable to drill through an interrupted cut, inclined surface and deeper holes where straightness is critical.

  • Use of Standard ISO (ANSI) Inserts

  • Product range includes, spade drills with straight and helical flute designs, combi drills with chamfer, counter & spot face, power drills for deeper holes, indexable port tools with special inserts, core drills

Trepanning Tools

  • Trepanning is the fastest and most economical method of producing holes from solid plane surface. Trepanning cuts only the circumference of the hole, leaving a centre core. We can manufacture all kind of trepanning tools.

  • Applications: Heat Exchangers, Nuclear valves, Navy Gun Barrels, Oil Well Drill Collars, High Pressure turbine shells, Valve Industries, Printing Machinery
  • Milling Tools

    • End mills, Shank end mills, side & face cutters, slot milling tools, circular milling tools.

    • Cutter bodies are manufactured from hardened steel resulting in high strength and maximum Performance

    • High Precision axial and radial runout, high metal removal with higher feeds and less vibration

    • In Circular milling tools, we know that Perfect positioning of cutting edges exerts great power transmission
  Drilling and Milling Tools

Drilling and Milling Tools

Drilling and Milling Tools

Drilling and Milling Tools

Drilling and Milling Tools
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